Monday, August 1, 2011

I love my dogs.

A lot. More than what most people would consider acceptable. There's five of them that I love with such indecency. I would fight over any of them, and they are my most prized possessions. I don't care if people think it's crazy, I love them as if they were my children. I'm going to tell you about them.


Okay, Okay, so Samson's not technically mine per-say. Mike had him when we started dating. He was a little over a year old when we started dating, and he's almost five now... (HOLY! We really have been dating that long, guys.) Samson is aggressive, if he doesn't know you. But that's what makes him Sam. He will love you to death once he knows you, though. He's the dog that got us hooked on the boxer. He loves squeaky toys, ropes, biting people (JK, JK, sorta). He absolutely loves to ride; if you even say the word ride he jumps at least three feet in the air, no joke.  He's a guard dog.. but he's a baby. Hims precious and I love him. There's really no other way to describe Sam, other than well, he's Samson. It's going to come to a fight over him when Mike and I move into our own place.


My baby girl! She was a gift from Mike. She's just over two years old and I couldn't imagine my life without my precious precious baby girl. She's timid. She's laid back. She's loving. She will defend her puppies to the death I believe. She's such a daddy's girl. She loves Mike.  She hates water, and I mean HATES it. She is scared to death of loud noises. She wants to be held, even though she's almost as big as me. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for my Roxy. She's such a good dog. She likes to think she's still a baby, even though she's had babies herself. She's the queen of jumping over stuff, she can clear an five foot fence without any problem. She's smart and she's funny. She'll always be my baby, and her mommy loves her so much!!

Daisy May

She's one of Samson & Roxy's puppies. She's probably got the most vivacious personality of all of them. She always makes her presence known. She's loving and rambunctious. She loves to play, more so than any dog I know. She loves going on walks, and playing with beating up the neighbor's dogs. She loves to bark at her brothers when she gets to play with them. Daisy is FAST. Woe betide me the day that I have to chase after her, cause there's no way that I can keep up. She loves to eat and eat and eat. She loves bacon, cheese, and chicken. She won't eat bread unless there's peanut butter or jelly on it. She's stubborn, and I still can't get her to shake. I love my Daisy. From wet nose to little nub.


Duke. Dukeasaurus. Dukers. DukeDuke. My miracle. My big ol baby. My heart outside my body. Duke is shy. Duke is known around here because he is HUGE. I've even been asked if he was a Great Dane mix. Duke loves his mommy, his aunt Kendall, and his daddy. He loves going on rides, but he's gotta sit in the front- or it will be bad. Duke contracted parvovirus and lived through it. He beat it. It took everything out of him to do it, but he beat it. He's my miracle, my love bug, and my baby baby. He's a whole head taller than any of his brothers, his mom, and his dad. He still thinks he weighs 4 lbs, even though he weighs 70. He knows how to make me smile, and he knows how much he can get away with. He is mischievous, and then acts innocent. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my Dukers. I've loved him from one pound to seventy, and nothing can ever, ever change that.

Bruce (My Angel Puppy)

Boo Boo. Oh Boo Boo. What mommy would do to have you back. Bruce also contracted parvovirus, but he didn't make it. He was the sweetest, most loving dog you would ever meet. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog. He was so beautiful, too beautiful for this earth. He loved everyone he met, and everyone loved him. He was so unique. He always wanted his belly scratched. He loved his mommy, and let me hold him like a baby whenever Duke got too big. Bruce was my baby boy, and I love him more than he knows. I want him to know that I did everything I could to save him. Fly with the angels, baby boy.  I miss you so much. Look down on your mommy & daddy and smile baby boy. You're always in our thoughts and on our minds. I love you.
We also lost another dog, Spike, to parvo, blog about him coming. I didn't include him in this one because I have to locate a picture. RIP Spike.. Love you buddy.