Friday, July 22, 2011

My Beliefs.

I have totally been dropping the ball on my blog. Today, however, I have decided to make blog post about all the things I believe. Some are serious, some are meant to be funny. So, here we go.

Religiously, I consider myself a Christian, and I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and will one day come to rapture the church away. Denominationaly, I grew up Church of God (Pentecostal) and I pretty much believe most of the things the Church of God doctrine says. ( <---- You can read it there if you so desire.

Politically, I am CONSERVATIVE. Think Glenn Beck. Or Bill O' Reilly. Sean Hannity, and the like. I hate, desipise, loathe, and abominate big government and most social programs. That being said, I totally support the military, law enforcement, and public education. I'm finally old enough to vote in this election so it'll be very interesting to see who the Republicans put up to run against Obama. However, I think this Congress is acting stupid- both Democrats and Republicans- they need to shelve their pride and start working together for the good of the country.

Boxers are the best dogs ever.

GSP is the sexiest man alive.

Weed shouldn't be legal. Neither should alcohol. Or abortion. Or same sex marriages. (Just call it something else)

People should be required to date at least two years before they get married.

Public education is going round the twist. If we don't shape it up soon, it'll be so broken that we CAN'T fix it.

My nephew is the prettiest baby to ever live.

Harry Potter is the greatest work of literature ever written.

Kids shouldn't be allowed to wear clothing with characters on it.

Cats shouldn't be allowed.

Bees are the most pestilential thing to ever live on this planet.

I <3 the Duggars!

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