Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ten Facts Thursday

1. I'm five foot one, with heels on. Mike is six foot four, no shoes. That's over a foot and three inches difference. We get weird looks in public a lot.
2. I love Duke, Roxy, and Daisy so much. Have I mentioned this before? And I miss my boo boo and the Spikers.
3. November is my favorite month, & fall is my favorite season.
4. I want to name my sons Michael Brock and William Finn. I haven't picked out any girl names cause I just have the feeling that the four or five children that I want will all be sons.
5. I apply for Benchmark I this semester, and I already passed Praxis I. :)
6. I love Pinterest, Pottermore, & Facebook.
7. I love PINK.
8. I work at the donut stand at the Jockey Lot, and I love it.
9. My nephew is the best.
10.  I'm hungry, atm. lol.

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