Thursday, December 15, 2011

101 in 1001

1. Get into the TEP here at AU
2. Graduate from college
3. Find a wedding dress
4. Get professional pictures done of Michael, me, and the dogs
5. Move out on my own
6. Own at least 5 pairs of Miss Me jeans (3/5)
7. Have an iPhone
8. Go on another cruise
9. Learn how to change a tire
10. Learn how to french braid
11. Start Couponing
12. Find a venue
13.Get a tattoo
14. Learn to make Mamma's pineapple cake
15. Read 4 new series of books (3/4) (Maze Runner and Divergent, Sword of Truth)
16. Plant flowers on Bruce & Spike's grave
17. Go to World of Coke
18. Own a pair of real diamond earrings
19. Own a pair of real pearl earrings
20. Ride the train in the Mountains
21. Own a real Ralph Lauren Polo shirt
22. Make pumpkin muffins
23. Go back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
24. Get Married
25. Go on a honeymoon
26. Make a scarf
27. Learn how to make marinara sauce
28. Get a new sewing machine
29. Learn to crochet
30. Get a Macbook pro.
31. Conquer my fear of horses.
32. Make Hayden something with said ability to crochet or sew
33. Go to the melting pot with Alex and Mel
35. Eat a whole platter of mezzaluna from Carraba's all by myself.
36. Start a recipe book for when I get married
37. Go camping with Michael
38. Buy something off of Craigslist
39. Keep a journal at least 3 months
40. Drive a Mustang
41. Learn how to drive a manual transmission car
42. Actually make something I pinned on Pinterest
43. Fill up a photo album with pictures
44. Do Project 365
45. Buy a dozen chocolate covered strawberries
46. Sell something on Craigslist
47. Watch all the Harry Potter movies back to back
48. Read the Harry Potter series at least ten more times (4/10)
49. Make Kaylee a dress
50. Write a letter to my parents telling them how much they mean to me
51. Read Percy Jackson & The Olympians & The Heroes of Olympus at least twice more (1/2)
52.  Babysit Hayden on my own
53. Make another Build-a-Bear
54. Read the Hunger games at least  3 more times (2/3)
55. Write a Hunger Games Fanfiction (I ship KatnissxPeeta)
56. Write a Harry Potter Fanfiction ( I ship HarryxGinny, RonxHermione)
57. Write a Percy Jackson Fanfiction (I ship Percabeth and ThaliaxNico)
58. Write a fiction story all of my own creation
59. Have something in my wedding inspired by my three main series of books (HP, HG, PJ&O)
60. Go see The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay in theaters (Mockingjay won't come out at the end of this list)
61. Bake homemade cupcakes
62. Bake homemade bread
63. Get something embroidered with my married intials
64. Fast for a day
65. Go swim in the ocean with Mike
66. Be able to swim 500 yds. again.
67. Pick out a wedding cake
68. Go up to someone and start singing "Harry Potter, I'm Harry Potter"
69. Learn to make jelly
70. Be able to run 1 mile in 9 minutes minimum
71. Have my own gun
72. Own a pair of Tony Lama boots
73. Finish this list
74. Pick out names for our children (3/4) (Maysilee Anne, Thomas Alexander, Michael Brock) (note: She will go by Maysilee and he will go by Brock, and Alexander)
75. Get a bow and arrow
76. Buy a brand new outfit and donate it to goodwill.
77. Actually weigh enough to give blood (102/110)
78. Put Michael in an arm bar without him helping me out
79. Go Hunting
80. Buy a new comforter for when I get married
81. Own a watch
82. Offer someone sugar in exchange for their secrets
83. Give $50 to a charity that I like
84. Run all of the hot water out of the shower
85. Learn to play at least one of Mike's idiotic video games
86. Go visit my family in Tennesee at least twice (0/2)
87. Buy something from The Charleston Candy Kitchen
88. Make the President's List
89. Make the Dean's List throughout my whole college career (3/8)
90. Try Indian Food
91. Watch at least 10 UFC PPV's (0/10)
92. Write a letter for Michael to give to him on our wedding day
93. Pass Praxis II and PLT
94.Own at least 5 scents from Victoria Secret or B&BW (0/5)
95. Buy Ed Hardy perfume
96. Get a new Coach Purse
97. Pick out & finalize wedding colors
98. Make a scrapbook
99. Paint something on canvas
100. Eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies in one sitting
101. Own something embroidered with my maiden intials (got a decal for my car)

I'll be posting updates as I get these things done :)

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