Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Too Much to Do..

I am so busy this week! Michael's sister, Tiffanie is getting married in Nantahala Village this Saturday. I'm sure there'll be plenty of pictures to come. It should be really beautiful if it doesn't rain. But before we go up we have lots to do. Anyways, someone has to look after my precious puppies, and we are going up Friday instead of Thursday, but someone has to do it.

I made Dean's list for both semesters of my Freshmen year! I'm really happy about it. I have a field placement next semester, and I cannot wait until I'm out in the classroom teaching! I love Anderson, and I'll probably talk about it a lot.

Thirdly, my nephew will be born in 8 short weeks. His name will be Hayden Luke :) I'm very very excited to meet him! He has so much stuff from his auntie Haley and uncle Mike so far :) We love him so much and he is the light of our lives :) Until we have our own, of course. Many Many Many years from now. My sister, Ashley is tickled pink with the birth of her son.

Anyways, Michael and I are off to get haircuts and do a million things before Friday. I'll try to blog at least once every two days. :)

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